The most popular safaris in Lapland

Safaris in Rovaniemi, Lapland

Rovaniemi seats in the heart of Lapland, and all the safaris and adventures are possible here.
Northern Lights Hunting
from 69
Lapland is the northernmost part of Finland, and the best one to hunt for the Aurora Borealis from September till April. We have the Northern Lights here in Rovaniemi during the summer time too, but you can't see it because on the polar day.

All the safaris for Aurora Borealis in Rovaniemi start in the evening time.

You can go by car or by bus just for hunting or to combine Northern Lights watching with other activities like reindeer safari, snowmobiling or even snow sauna!

Husky safaris
in Rovaniemi (Lapland, Finland)
from 95
Here is Lapland we have all kinds of husky safaris. You can try to drive your own husky team and just seat and relax in a sled.

Anyway you'll enjoy the magnificent views of the Lappish forests and hills.

There are different breeds of huskies we have here in Lapland, the most popular are Alaskans and Siberians.

You can meet them all!

Reindeer Safaris
in Rovaniemi (Lapland, Finland)
from 125
All the safaris will take place at the local reindeer farms nearby Rovaniemi, where you will meet the real reindeer herders, who will tell you about their way of life hand by hand with nature.

There are more reindeer than people here in Lapland, did you know?

As you experience this traditional way of travelling through the snowy forest on a sleigh pulled by reindeer, you will able to see wild animals and the beautiful winter wonderland of Lapland. Back at the farm, the reindeer owner will tell you the stories of the farm life and offer you a cup of hot coffee or tea and traditional snacks.
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